CELT QuickGuides linkCELT QuickGuides contain brief step-by-step guides to some of the basic procedures when using the core teaching and learning technologies at DMU.

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How do I?

nextRequest a Blackboard shell for my module for the next academic session?

nextMake my new Blackboard module available to students

nextCopy last year’s Blackboard module shell to a new shell

nextAdd a new area to the Course Menu in a Blackboard module shell

nextMake a Blackboard Course Menu area visible or invisible to students

nextAdd a new colleague to my shell as they are now teaching on this module

nextEnrol an external examiner on a Blackboard module shell


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How do I?

nextAdd a link through which students can access their grades in Blackboard

nextAdd components to the Weighted Total column in the Blackboard Grade Centre

nextHide test grades from students using the Grade Centre

nextManually input Grades into Blackboard Grade Centre

nextShare digital images via Grade Centre


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How do I?

nextLog in to a Blackboard module shell with a test student account

nextSet up a Blackboard community shell?

nextUse the ‘out of office’ email function in Blackboard



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How do I?

nextRecord a live classroom session, lecture or presentation

nextRecord at my desk

nextMake a Panopto recording accessible in a Blackboard module

nextProvision a Blackboard module to be able to show Panopto recordings

nextEdit a Panopto recording


[expand title=”Turnitin QuickGuides” rel=”type-highlander”]

How do I?

nextSet up a Turnitin submission link in Blackboard

nextSet up a Turnitin submission link in Blackboard to be marked anonymously online using the Turnitin GradeMark tool

nextView a student submission in Turnitin

nextUse Groups to apportion marking across a module team when using Turnitin

nextSetup and use a basic Rubric marking grid in Turnitin