The Digital Learning  and Teaching (DLaT) team provides expert support and guidance to develop understanding and effective use of learning technologies alongside appropriate pedagogies.

We provide central university-wide services as well as having a presence within faculties.

Support for Faculties:

Each faculty has its own Digital Learning and Teaching consultant who is physically based within the faculty.

DLaT consultants will:

  • Offer support with using technology to deliver and develop teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Offer training to meet faculty professional development needs in relation to teaching and learning technologies.
  • Act as a hub for communication between and within faculties for the dissemination of good practice, and information about digital teaching and learning systems and protocols.
  • Act as the primary point-of-contact for teaching and learning technologies within their faculty.
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Central support:

DLaT Instructional Guides

The DLaT Hub provides access to a range of technical and pedagogical guidance on using our core learning and teaching technologies.

DLaT Central Training

A continually updated programme of staff development workshops is provided by DLaT.
Details of the current offer can be found in the My Development tile on the DMU Hub.

Contacts for Central Support

If you work outside of a faculty or are an external partner and would like support with the use of DMU learning and teaching technologies – contact one of the central team members below:

Maxine Armstrong

Dr. Jonathan Coope