This guide details the process of how to add an external assessor the PepplePad workspace in your module.

1. Navigate to the module on Blackboard and go into the PebblePad ATLAS area.

PebblePad ATLAS link

2. In the Management tab, select the Externals sub section and click the Modify Permissions button.

externals tab

Scroll down the screen setting the options exactly as they are displayed below. Click the Save button when you have set everything.

external settings

external settings

external settings

external settings

To add external assessors to the module:

1. In the Management > Externals panel; click Create an External.

add external button

2. Enter their details and click Save.

add details panel

3. The external assessor will be added to the external assessor list.

external assessor list

4. An email will be sent to the email address associated with the external assessor account. Before they can access any student content the external assessor will need to create a password for their PebblePad account. They can do this via the email that they will have been sent.

pebblepad register email

Instructions for how an external assessor can access student content that has been shared with them, can be found at this link: PebblePad – Accessing portfolios for assessment (external assessors) – CELT Hub (