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This package of content has been developed to support academic staff who are new to DMU in familiarising themselves with the use of technology for enhancing teaching, learning and assessment at DMU. It is important to note that this induction is NOT about the use of the general IT systems and services at DMU – these are supported by ITMS. It is about using the core teaching, learning and assessment technologies at DMU.

This online induction pack includes a checklist. Each checklist item contains a link to information that will familiarise you with the requirement of the checklist item. If you can answer YES to all of the checklist items, then you should have a sufficient threshold of understanding to be able to use technology for basic, general teaching, learning and assessment.

Getting started

1. Contact your programme leader and/or module leader(s) and/or induction mentor

Prior to beginning to teach it is important that you have a conversation with your programme leader and/or module leader(s) and/or induction mentor about what the expectations are regarding the use of technology for teaching, learning and assessment within your programme and on the modules on which you will teach. Some may require a consistent and particular approach, whereas others may be more flexible.

2. You should be able to access the core IT systems at DMU

Let’s make sure that you can access DMU online content through the Single Sign On system. As this will give you access to our core teaching, learning and assessment technologies.

  1. Go to the DMU Staff portal:
  2. Click the Log In button and enter your DMU username and password.
  3. If you receive a Login Failed message. Contact ITMS (ext: 6050 or email: and tell them that you are a new member of staff and that you are unable to log in.
3. Click here to begin your online induction

Online induction resource developed by Dr Rob Weale