DMU Replay is available for all DMU staff and students to use in ways that are relevant to their own curricula and to enable implementation of the DMU Replay policy. Our intention is that these tools support multimedia based pedagogic innovation.


1. If you have not used DMU Replay previously, it is recommended that you attend a DMU Replay overview session from the Digital Learning and Teaching staff development programme.

2. DMU Replay is NOT a tool for enabling synchronous student interaction (e.g. online webinars/meetings). If you want to do this please see the Microsoft Teams help guides for assistance.

3. When engaging with DMU Replay, you should be aware of The DMU Replay policy and Equitable Alternative guidance.

4. To use DMU Replay (Panopto) software at your office desk you may need to send a request to ITMS for them to install the software on your desktop computer (if it has not been installed).

Step by step user guides

Technical Support

Telephone technical support for DMU Replay can only be provided during ITMS Service Desk hours (08:00 to 17:00 GMT) – this is an important consideration if you are recording outside of these hours.

The ITMS Out of Hours service will not be able to deal with specific DMU Replay issues.

Please be aware that there will be limited technical support available for using DMU Replay (Panopto) on non-DMU provided equipment.

If you are still experiencing difficulties contact the ITMS Service Desk on ext: 6050.

To report non-urgent issues use the ITMS self-service request portal: